Burnout2Bliss – A very personal journey

A Yoga Teacher with burnout?  It sounds like an oxymoron.  But that was me.  A busy wife, mother and yoga teacher rushing around in order to teach other people the skills of how to let go and relax.  Oh the irony… I was tired.  So tired.  But instead of taking my own advice I kept on keeping on.  Eventually the fatigue became overwhelming and in June 2015 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS.  I tried to cut back on my commitments and relax more but in May 2016 I taught the last of my yoga classes and finally gave myself the space and time to allow for healing to take place.

This blog aims to be a collection of musings and writing about my journey from that place of burnout and exhaustion towards a life which is more full of ease, of contentment and of bliss.

October 2016

Alison Colyer